Neo-colonialism is more cancerous than  colonialism because the real player is behind the  mask  who  cannot  be  held  accountable  for  their  misdeeds.  African  countries Neo-colonies  have power without responsibilities while the neo-colonialist have exploitation  without redress. Because in the old fashion imperialism, the imperial powers had to justify their acts  at  home  and  abroad.  Breaking  up  of  big  African  nations  and  kingdoms  into  smaller  units  were a good move to prevent them from the ability to defend themselves and so will seek  security and defense from the formal colonial power. Furthermore, the bargaining power of  small states will be weak and will be force  to sell at the price fix ed by the strong nations  and also buy by their prices too.

Neo-colonialism is such a threat to world peace because the complete right of governance is not in the hands of the people nor for their interest but just a very few groups making such countries a breeding ground for conflicts, although not only limited to such states. i often hear people from Sudan and Somalia, and to some extent Muslims and Christians in general laying their allegiance to their religion or Arabs (Saudi Arabia) and Rome respectively, thereby furthering the divide among us. the very thought that these imported religion comes first before your skin color which is the basis in which you are primarily judge in this world is disturbing. If Africa was united, (Nkrumah 1965.) no major power bloc would attempt to subdue it by limited war because from the very nature of limited war, what can be achieved by it is itself limited. It is, only where small States exist that it is possible, by landing a few thousand marines or by financing a mercenary force, to secure a decisive result